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After 4 and a half years of lack of sleep, nursery runs, potty training, tantrums, more potty training, family budgeting, euphoric highs, emotional lows and lack of sleep (did I already mention that?) I bizarrely still have an overwhelming urge to tap into my entrepreneurial spirit.  And so, Charlie and Sam’s is born.

Charlie and Sam’s is an evolving platform on which to share my everyday family finds. Browse, be inspired, share, shop or just have a nose.  Join the journey.  

Charlie & Sam's Christmas Pyjamas

I love Christmas- the magic, the food, the drink, the time off work, the family, the gifts, the traditions.  

As a child, one of my most memorable Christmas traditions was Santa delivering my whole family, new pyjamas every year.

We would wake at the crack of dawn, rip open our gift from Santa, change into our new PJs and creep down the stairs.

The Christmas pyjama tradition has continued. Over the years, I have eaten too much, drunk too much, danced, argued, even mourned a pre-Christmas break up, whilst wearing whatever PJs Santa had delivered that year.

Now with my own family, we do the very same. As I scrolled through my photos for reminders of Christmas past, the very best pictures and the fondest memories were the ones in our pyjamas.

With Christmas around the corner, start your own family pyjama tradition and deck your family out in fun, festive PJs.

Create picture memories to cherish. All hail the stretchy waistband! Enjoy.